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What is it for
Direct users to landing pages and apps (iOS and Android) without loss
Track real-time conversion statistics with details on Geography, OS, Devices, Unique Users and other metrics
Convert your long links to short and easy ones
Click stats
Short links
Opt ions
Create links with
QR codes
QR codes
Redirect users
to the necessary pages depending on the user's geography, device or OS
Set a password
for the link
Password protection
Use your domain
to generate short links and clickstream analytics
Domain parking
Opportunities for working with analytics
Click-through statistics for unique users
You will have an access to statistical data on every click as well as unique users
Click-through statistics by device
You can track the click-through statistic data by devices. You can see the models of mobile phones, computers and OS that are being used to click on your site.site.
Click-through statistics by gender and age
Dinky helps you to get to know your users better.
You will have an access to statistical data of users gender
Click-through statistics by geography
You can track from which counties and cities the users are clicking on your links
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